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Full Version: Need Some Help Identifying 1991 Canada Cup Autographs
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Hello Everyone,

I've had this Canada Cup program in storage since 1991. It was from the Canada vs. U.S.S.R. game on September 9th, 1991. It was in the old Colisee in Quebec City. I also have the original ticket stub.

I am having a lot of trouble identifying most of the autographs. In fact, I don't even know if I took some of the pictures upside-down... I would really appreciate your expertise.

I've numbered the pictures to make referencing easier.

Here's a link to the 1991 Canada Cup rosters:
Canada Roster

Thanks so much in advance!

#1 - Scott Stevens
[Image: photo_zps1281d2a1.jpg]

#2 - Eric Lindros
[Image: photo5_zps35d3f70f.jpg]

#3 - John MacLean
[Image: photo4_zpsc71065e4.jpg]

#4 - John MacLean (2nd half of signature, as above)
[Image: photo3_zps11d0237e.jpg]

#5 - Pat Verbeek
[Image: photo2_zps9fea7187.jpg]

#6 - Mike Gartner
[Image: photo1_zps71399454.jpg]

#7 Al MacInnis??
[Image: photo5_zpsfb093aea.jpg]

#8 - Dave Gagner
[Image: photo4_zps824b9aa5.jpg]

#9 - Pat Burns
[Image: photo3_zps241b3945.jpg]

#10 - Russ Courtnall
[Image: photo2_zpsec7d0ef2.jpg]

#11 - Jari Kurri??
[Image: photo1_zps7422253e.jpg]

#12 - Joe Nieuwendyk
[Image: photo5_zps2fdda7d7.jpg]

[Image: photo4_zps1a7b7fe8.jpg]

#14 Rick Tocchet
[Image: photo3_zps4c9c5d39.jpg]

#15 - Steve Thomas?? or Shane Corson??
[Image: photo2_zps1b64a500.jpg]

#16 - Wayne Gretzky?? (basing this on the "W" shape)
[Image: photo1_zpsd7f34b60.jpg]

#17 - Larry Murphy
[Image: photo5_zpscc77b1ce.jpg]

[Image: photo4_zps09478748.jpg]

#19 - Steve Larmer??
[Image: photo3_zpsa2703db7.jpg]

#20 - Luc Robitaille
[Image: photo2_zpsae33ace9.jpg]

#21 - Ed Belfour
[Image: photo1_zps79d3d74c.jpg]
#20 and #21 are definitely correct
#1 = Scott Stevens
#3 & 4 appear to be the same signature, which is John MacLean
#6 does appear to be Mike Gartner
#9 appears to be Pat Burns
#10 appears to be Russ Courtnall
#11 could be Jari Kurri. Looks like his "J".
#12 Joe Nieuwendyk
#17 is indeed Larry Murphy
#20 is Luc Robitaille
#21 is Ed Belfour

Thanks for the help so far, guys! I've made the changes/additions to my original post.
#8 looks like Dave Gagner but he was cut from the roster on august 20th, a few days before the Canada vs. U.S.S.R. game.

Thanks, SSP. You're right, that's definitely Dave Gagner (the #15 supports it). I'm not sure what he was doing at the game. Same thing with John MacLean -- he was cut. If Stevie Yzerman shows up on this program, I'll know it was a failed plot to take out Mike Keenan...
I've updated a few more of the names on the signatures. Just need 2 more... #13 and #18. There are also a few I'm not sure are correct, especially #11 because I'm not sure why Kurri would have signed this.

Anyone else want to give this a shot?

Thanks again!