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Full Version: McMurray Christmas in July!
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What a great mail day today! Absolutely loved opening up the packages and pulling these out. It literally was like Christmas in July this afternoon, lol!

There are two that I'm not posting as they are fairly mundane compared to these, but they are a 2007 & 2008 Wheels AT Pushin' Pedal/99. And then there is still one more that I am waiting on...looks like Wednesday...that is pretty sweet: 2010 Wheels Main Event Upper Cuts Knock Out Patches #UCKOJM Jamie McMurray 15/25.

Anyhow, I'll start ya off with the big dog (and only auto) of the lot:

2004 Press Pass Eclipse Teammates Autographs #6 Casey Mears/Jamie McMurray 9/25
[Image: 001_zpsa6f6c5b7.jpg]

2006 VIP Previews #EB18 Jamie McMurray 3/5
[Image: 003_zps96f4ea44.jpg]

2008 Press Pass Burning Rubber Drivers Prime Cuts #BRD17 Jamie McMurray Daytona 03/25
[Image: 005_zpsdf82d808.jpg]

2008 Press Pass Legends Prominent Pieces Metal-Tire-Net Gold #PP4JM Jamie McMurray 12/25
[Image: 007_zps912be3b5.jpg]

2009 Press Pass Premium Hot Threads Multi-Color #HTJaM Jamie McMurray 11/25
[Image: 004_zpscc46cdc2.jpg]

2011 Press Pass Burning Rubber Prime Cuts #BRCJM Jamie McMurray/Charlotte 18/25
[Image: 006_zps9aac364d.jpg]
Nice Stuff! Congrats
Real nice additions Jason! That 2008 BR is probably my favorite b/c it matches my birth-month/day with the '07. That actual date was my 29th birthday. Another thing I love about the Daytona 400 race is that it lines up with my birthday every few years! Big Grin
Nice pickups man I like the 08 Burning Rubber Prime Cuts also and that is a nice patch on the Hot Threads. Congrats on those.
Very nice bunch of adds, Jason.
Love the dual auto
Nice pickups Jason, congrats!