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Full Version: New PC Driver = New Pick Ups
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I d.ecided to start a David Pearson PC. Here are a few new pick ups. Legends RU 14/15 , Legends 8/25 and Showcase 483/489.

[Image: IMG_20140727_041241_481-1_zpscvev5kr1.jpg]
Nice 2 color patch and defining moments I like the looks of that one. I will keep my eyes out for some for you.
I HAVE AN extra /125 defining moments i can send you maybe some others
Nice new additions, congrats!

I think I have a few nice Pearson cards, maybe we can figure something out. Nice start, the patch is sweet.
Awesome cards, friend! I really dig that Famed Fabrics card! I know Michael may be able to help ya out with some Pearson, but I may have some duplicates I can send your way as well...I'll need to take a look. Grats on your new PC!
Nice additions!
Thanks guys! I like the older RU cards so I figured to go with Pearson. It's funny how most of the NASCAR greats go so cheap. For around the same $ could have had a RU Auto of him. The patch was one of the better ones for a old HOF drivers and being / 15 I had to grab one.
Thanks for the offers guys. I will look tomorrow and see if we could do a deal.
As far as the free offers , Thank You!
Maybe I should start a little Bobby Allison PC and base it around this bad boy:

[Image: f9d93805-8ea1-4efd-be7a-34561bfd24dd.jpg]

This is one of the sickest patches of actual RU materials I have, period...
Its almost sad how cheap they go sometimes. Its hit or miss on the legends. Pearson used to go way high. Between myself and some other collectors it was a pain. When Jeff Inmon finally bowed out it helped quite a bit but also one other big collector stopped buying. Even with the hidden names on that auction site i still can tell sometimes who i am bidding against. However there is a new player in town. Does not seem to be a driver loyal buyer seems to try and pick up the rare stuff to flip later. He has out bid me before but recently i picked up a couple that he had outbid me for less than what he won them for.

I have 44 door numbers of pearson and 24 1/1 cards not counting his plates. I will never own all of his cards because eventually you have to quit paying the amount you have to win them for. Plus some may never show up. I will keep trying though.

ALLISON has about three big time collectors but once they get what they want his stuff goes decent. You can even pick up the rare ones when they are not paying attention.

Terry labonte has a huge collector who used to pay sick money for his cards i am not sure if hes still in the game or not.

You always have a couple of high end collectors that pick up the rare stuff just to have in their collections. If they ever get rid of their stuff some nice cards are going to hit the market all at once.

BILL Elliot doesnt seem to have a super collector that i have seen. I am not sure but it could be because he was out of the trading cards forever right up close to chase getting into racing. it hink his sons cards are selling for more than his ever did.

DW used to have one guy that had it all but he had to sell of his collection in pieces and i havent seen anyone that really picked up on taking it over.

The hobby doesnt respect the legends like the stick and ball sports do. In racing you hear i dont want the legends in any product but legends. I doubt you hear that in any other sport. Racing collectors tend to be about here and now. After chris sold off a lot of his collection to a guy in canada of dale sr rare stuff it wasnt long before that guy was having to sell them also. he will never get what he paid for them because the market has changed. Even dale sr has a time limit on popularity.

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