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Full Version: I grabbed a few Quick packs today with my right Mona-hand
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Ok very lame title but I busted some rookie anthology and certified today. Here are the hits:

Not pictured:
Carrick prizm rc, acton select prizm rc
[Image: imagejpg1-3.jpg]

None for trade at this time unless you absolutely need something

And now the reason for the cheesy title (note these both cam from one pack):

[Image: imagejpg2-1.jpg]

And then the one I'm really excited about




[Image: imagejpg3-1.jpg]

Neither for trade at this time unless you are gonna knock my socks off with an offer. Thanks
That's a nice Quick!
That Jonathan Quick is sooo cool! Congrats!
Great pulls. Congrats!
Sweet hit on the Quick! Congrats on the nice packs!

Thanks for the comments. Anthology is a blast to break, highly recommend if anyone hasn't yet...certified is a coin flip all the time it box a junk kick, the next you are jumping for joy.
Nice stuff