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Full Version: Looking For A Nice Jaroslav Halak Patch (Canadiens Only)
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Good day, Beckett Community!

It has been a long while since I have been able to post more than comments on the Boards. Life is keeping my beyond busy, so I have had little time to do more than comment and trade on the site. It seems as though nobody is pulling any Jaroslav Halak cards that I need, or would upgrade, so I figured that I would see if anyone has a nice Montreal Canadiens' Patch of him that they would be willing to trade me. I would like something from his years on the Habs, so if you have something please let me know. 2010-11 is okay as well, but it has to be a pic of him in the Habs and the piece has to be from his Habs sweater. My Org. is updated, and I can provide scans if needed.

Best wishes, Beckett Community!