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Full Version: A few new Jamie Mac cards
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Just a few of the recent additions I wanted to share. Bummer about the few issues on the '07 Ebay Preview, but I didn't pay much for the pair of Previews together, so I'm not too concerned. Thanks for the look! Be Well, friends - Jason

2007 VIP Previews #EB20 Jamie McMurray 1/5
[Image: 001_zps2774a432.jpg]

2008 VIP Previews #EB22 Jamie McMurray 1/5
[Image: 002_zps17fb5ae4.jpg]

2003 Press Pass Signings Gold #48 Jamie McMurray O/S/T/V 16/50
[Image: 011_zps73dad238.jpg]

2013 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Jumbo Materials Signatures #JM Jamie McMurray 02/10
[Image: 001_zpsfb068d8e.jpg]

Great low numbered cards, congrats on some great new additions!

Sweet additions, Jason! Congrats.
I have some new Bayne cards to showoff but I just haven't got around to it. Nothing as fancy as these cards, but still nice additions.
Nice pickups congrats I like that 3 color Jumbo Auto.
Nice Fanfare card!