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Full Version: LF Crusade colors and others
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Looking for almost anything Crusade that I don't have, Org updated regularly. Trading for any colors I don't have, autos, patches, inserts, and base (from 13-14 still needed)

When the number of needs is lower than the number of haves I'll probably post the numbers, but for now just posting the set completion on the colors:
2012-13 Crusade Inserts (Knight Court/Nobility/Royalty): 60/100
2012-13 Crusade Insert Blue: 235/300
2012-13 Crusade Insert Red/99: 122/300
2012-13 Crusade Insert Purple/49: 101/300
2012-13 Crusade Insert Green/25: 54/300

2013-14 Crusade Base set: 143/200
2013-14 Crusade Inserts (Knight Court/Nobility/Royalty): 61/100
2013-14 Crusade Insert Blue: 226/300
2013-14 Crusade Insert Orange/99: 137/300
2013-14 Crusade Insert Purple/49: 125/300

I'm not crazy enough to think I could ever complete the patch set, but I still really like the look of the set. The ones I do have are uploaded to my bucket at:
Hey bud. Check my org later tonight. I'll go through and make sure it is update. I just finished busting another case. I am posting in the box break section as we speak.

Edit: Org updated. I think it is close to 100% accurate for all Crusade stuff I have not including base cards. I will leave my redemptions unredeemed for now incase you need any of those.
Feel free to check me for some of the 2012-13 crusades you are looking for. I don't have to many but if you need it, I'll send it your way!
Wee. . Thanks again SHowley. All other offers sent or responded to. Trying to make some quick progress on these so any help is very much appreciated. I may post some early pictures when I get home to offer some motivation.