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Full Version: This weeks Mail
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I got 5 cards in this week. I will only post one here b/c the other 4 are in my Trevor Bayne thread. Make sure to read the beginning of the OP before skipping to the new scans b/c I added stats.

Here is the other card I got in this week:

2011 Stealth Holofoil JJ card 7 #'d 49/99 (oh so close to a door #):

[Image: JJ-2011StealthHolofoil7.jpg]
I loved that 2011 Stealth stuff...broke a lot of it (especially since I could get them as free packs from Dave&Adams)...pulled my Dale Jr. Auto out of a free pack, I believe. Underrated product, still priced really nice (clearance, still, I think? Worth it). Nice card