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Full Version: Case of The Guild Season One Through Three
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I'm a huge fan of the show - it's not for everyone of course but I play World of Warcraft so I enjoy it.

Picked up a 12 box case on clearance. No scans as I opened up A LOT of stuff and haven't sorted everything yet.

Many complete base sets of course since it's a 63 card set.

1 auto and 1 wardrobe card per box according to press sheets. I beat the odds as I got 15 autos and 12 wardrobe cards.

15 autos, 2 of them short prints...but only the regular Felicia Day version. Was hoping to get her short print auto too. But I did get the Amy Okuda short print auto which was the other short print I really wanted. Didn't get a Wil Wheaton though, that would have been a nice pickup.

Wardrobe cards I got all 7 of them with 2x Felicia Day (nice!), 2x Sandeep Parikh, 2x Jeff Lewis, and 3x Amy Okuda.

Overall was pleased because of the Felicia Day's and the fact I got the case on clearance.
Not bad