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Full Version: Case of Alphas Season 1
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Picked up a 6 box case on clearance. No scans as I opened up A LOT of stuff and haven't sorted everything yet.

Many complete base sets of course since it's a 60 card set.

Wasn't sure how many hits I would get since all press materials I saw when glancing quickly said

"Look for randomly inserted Autograph and Wardrobe cards."

Turns out randomly inserted equates to 1 auto, 1 wardrobe card and likely either 1 more auto or 1 more wardrobe card per box. 3 hits in most boxes. I was pleasantly surprised by that as I was expecting it to be more like 1 hit per box with the way it was worded.

So I ended up with 17 hits. The box with the dual wardrobe was the one that didn't contain the 3rd hit Sad

One dual wardrobe card, Cameron Hicks and Dr. Lee Rosen. According to some odds I found I had an outside shot at ending up with one more dual wardrobe (1:96 packs, 24 packs per box, 6 box case) but alas no.

Autograph wise got 8 of the 9 autos, missing #A8 Jane Moffet as Sandra Bell.

Wardrobe wise got #1 through #8 out of 10 possible from packs - #11 only comes in the binder special package.

Overall was pleased with the break and I like the looks of the cards. Simple yet enough gradient and fanciness to catch the eye.
Nice break man not bad!
Sweet break