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Hey fellas, looking to switch up my collection a bit. Still looking to downsize as well, everything is available Smile

[Image: HPIM7139_zpse48585a2.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7141_zpsa9d93ea0.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7142_zpse26b4ace.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7144_zps049d3319.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7147_zps773532c3.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7148_zps23395ea2.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7149_zps4792cf8d.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7155_zps74cbb79c.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7157_zps1bce91ca.jpg]

[Image: HPIM7158_zps625144f6.jpg]

(1996-97 UD3 MJ Auto, impossible to find these graded BGS 9.5/10, auto from his playing days)
[Image: HPIM7160_zpscfffcc50.jpg]

(Mostly seeing what's potentially out there for this one, impossible card to find. PSA 10, come strong) Smile
[Image: HPIM7162_zpsc0e56863.jpg]
those last 2 cards are pretty damn rare
(06-12-2014, 05:00 PM)InThaClutch Wrote: [ -> ]those last 2 cards are pretty damn rare
Thanks my man, I figured that I'd see what's out there before I decide to put them away Smile
What are you looking for?
Yeah with what you have there what are you looking to trade for
Please check me for the Karl Malone auto
That Jordan inkredible is unbelievable. Check my org for the Jordan/Kobe dual, let me know if you like anything. Thanks!
Thanks for the kind words guys, not sure who voted a "1 star" on this thread lol Smile
Also interested in the Malone Auto
Also interested in the Malone Auto
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