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Full Version: LTT a few things: mid-high end
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Looking for 1 for 1 trades mainly. Lmk if you're interested in anything.

[Image: 281E499D-BCC6-4755-A3D9-55541AF71A59.jpg]
[Image: 22FD2044-9D9B-4C98-9C18-4C7CC38BF73B.jpg]
[Image: 6F15325B-66A9-44C2-8A46-EA31069017E7.jpg]
[Image: 88D4DA1E-6E0C-464D-8554-B888D285A54B.jpg]
[Image: C2E3BDB4-93F4-493A-A061-84534B69AA4D.jpg]
[Image: B64698DD-7C87-4C7C-B001-7ED62B06964D.jpg]
[Image: 6D82B5C7-C0CF-4FAF-AF96-7A61D3290452.jpg]
[Image: 720E9320-55A0-4BD6-B308-4BCDE42D1954.jpg]
[Image: 35208043-CA23-41B4-9E7C-3CBA1E0315E6.jpg]
Great cards. Interested in either of the Irving's. Let me know if you like anything in my org. Thanks!
Kareem and Payton gone, bump