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Full Version: New Changes
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points that need clarity:
1. is a single player OPG sufficient to maintain your Org data? No, new guidelines require a single sport OPG or greater
2. is a single card OPG sufficient? No, a single card OPG is not sufficient to allow Organize data
3. can a current OPG user take a month or two, or three month "break" and still maintain his Org data as "archived?" If so, how many months can he go before he has to renew an OPG sub?) Yes. Currently we have no official cut off date so we are not deleting any data from Organize of users that are current or have been current recently, we are just archiving everything temporarily for those who may have a taken a break.
4. will temporarily inactive users or those with "archived" Org data still be allowed to access the trade area and actually inact trades? The plan is to limit trade to those users who are actively using Organize. The trade floor was previously overwhelmed by data and, along with all of the Organize records, brought both systems to a near hault. That is what caused us to review and change our policies for both areas. The goal is to better serve current customers and enacting a reset here is a jump start to improving overall performance for current customers.
5. will temporarily inactive users or those with "archived" Org data still have their data display publicly as either "wants" or "haves"? At this point in time, it may still appear, but the goal is to limit this to active users only.