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Full Version: Looking for member Cauz1717
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Made a deal that was confirmed back on April 25th and I still haven't received my end...I figured I'd better post something on the forums before I no longer have access to the trade function. Someone help please.
Have you contacted a Mod?

Nope. I've never had this problem on here so I'm not sure who to contact.

Adding to this....I tried to post again but apparently there was something wrong with what I said...

''Bwahaha (at randi). I laughed as soon as I made the post too because ever post of mine is still being monitored by a MOD, which was without warning and who has yet to actually contact me. I'm a bad
I was being a smart-@$$, Mark. Haha! That would be me, and I will contact the member for you. Hopefully this will get worked out.

we have no mods in hockey section.... just someone who collects halak Big Grin
Halak........ all alone on the deserted Island
I can get in touch with Todd if you can't get a hold of him. He spends a great deal of time coaching youth baseball and likely does not spend much time on the forum.

Let me know.

Any help is appreciated
Still haven't heard anything....
What am I supposed to do here? I can't access the trade anymore. I can't leave feedback. The guy isn't I just SOL?
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