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Full Version: Starting a New Giannis Antetokounmpo PC. Looking to buy!
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I decided to start a new PC player in the "Greek Freak" with hopes that I can find a nice sized lot for a good price to start it the right way. As of right now I am interested in looking at everything so show me what you have of him!

Most interested in
Prizm Colors
Autos (Full Name, not just GA)
Numbered Rookies!

Will look at anything though!
Try this again today!!!
I have his Prizm Auto if you are interested.
I would be! PM sent, anyone else?
i have his base panini prestige rc if you are interested in it.
Bump this up! Still looking
Bump this up!

Theres about 50 individually scanned penny's some high end message me if interested as I don't check the basketball boards much
Anyone today??!
You never replied to my PM.
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