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Full Version: Best pick-ups from last week
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I got many cards in last week. Many were base cards for my MM or JG collection. Here are the best two cards I got last week:

Danica Patrick - 2013 TM 3x RU (my 2nd RU of her):

[Image: Danica-2013TMRU3x.jpg]

2011 Fanfare Championship Caliber Short Print

[Image: JJ-2011FanfareChampionshipCaliber.jpg]

I really needed the JJ for my set. Unfortunately, I am still missing 3 of the 30 cards (all are SP's). If anyone has the Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliott or Richard Petty cards, PLZ contact me. I am offering 60% of the BV in Paypal Gift for them.

Thanks for looking at my new pick-ups!
Great cards, Adam! Congrats on all the pick-ups! Those SPs are tough to track down, I know. Still looking for 3x 2013 Fanfare Fan Following SPs to finish up my set. If I see any, I'll definitely let ya know...good luck!

On a side note, my end ships out Tuesday, partner.
Sick patches
Nice pickups on both of them, especially the Danica....Smile)