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Full Version: SPA 08-09 VARSITY LETTERS 1/1 ( SEARCH FOR )
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I am looking for all SPA 08-09 Varsity Letter patches/auto of Jordan Farmar.

I am missing three letters all serial 1/1.

I have not been looking in the last year as much as I used to. since I stopped buying basketball cards. but something made me get the urge to check the bay... I found letter "N" 1/1 that sold on 3/18/14 for $20.50 + 2.99 s/h (Seller: redzonecards)

winner: 8***b( 955)

Trying to figure out who the winner/buyer was, so I can see if they would like to trade/sell the card.

I have the all but 3 of the "letter patch cards" for Jordan Farmar.

you can see fotos on my site

US Navy Veteran.
San Diego, Ca
Looking for Bynum, Luke Walton, Farmar, Joe Crawford.... SPA 08-09 VARSITY LETTERS.

Premium paid for Farmar & Bynum letters I need to complete my set..

[Image: JOECRAWFORD.jpg]
[Image: BYNUM_cityname.jpg]

I put Bynum, where the three missing FARMAR "letters" are supposed to be.... only need three more & one showed up on the bay earlier this year. Upset with myself for not seeing it & picking it up.... will pay $60 delivered for any FARMAR or BYNUM cards I need.

[Image: cityname.jpg]
Another "fullname" farmar letter "D" popped up online recently. I havent been watching the boards...

If the person that bought it is looking for others to complete the Jordan Farmar "fullname" chase set... let me know.. I have duplicates & tripples of every letter, except J... I need another "J" to complete a 2nd name set...

Paying premium for the missing "CITYNAME" farmar letters I need... need three more to complete set... (two are 1/1 & the last card I need is /3)....

easy to tell the differnce between cityname & fullname for farmar... fullname cards are serial /7...
the city name are serial to 1/1, except the gold letters that spell LAKERS are to /3

I have duplicates of the cards printed to /3
havent been surfing the boards or bay lately.. probably been over a year, since I been actively searching... I did miss 2 Bynum & a luke walton auto....

Looking for the missing 3 FARMAR SPA 08-09 "Varisty Letters" serial to 1/1 & /3.....

$50 finder's fee for the missing 1/1 FARMAR cards.... $30 finder's fee for the /3 card... finder's fee good until I update this thread with a new amount...

I dont check this page very often no more. you can contact me on FB backslash sb.805 & we can work out a trade on this board.

note: finder's fee is only $25 if card shows up on ebay... & you contact me before my bid.