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Full Version: Bad Day Gives Me A Good Pull!
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Well, today was mostly terrible. I won't bore you with details, but it sucked. So I thought I'd head up to the LCS this evening to rip a few packs a relieve the stress of the day...and I'm so happy I did! No scan yet, but I'll get one posted.

Anyhow, I still have a complete box of AT up there I have to buy, but he also has another open box he is selling packs out of. Only had enough for 4 packs and was buying them one by one so that if I pulled a hit, I could quit and still have enough left for a 6 pack of Busch Copper tall boys. My third pack, there it Austin Dillon Auto Door Number! 03/35

What a nice ending to such a crappy day, lol. I'll get that scan up later tonight, but wanted to go ahead and share my story while I am enjoying my 6 pack of Busch Copper! Tongue
Here's the scan...really need to clean my scanner!

[Image: 001_zps9e87152b.jpg]
Awesome pull! Congrats
Oh and I'm thinking over our pending deal , will send message in trade.
Nice man congrats.
Congrats on the pull Jason!!! AWESOME card to pull on a crappy day. I hope today is a better day for you.
Thank you, friends. Here's hoping Tuesday goes better than most of my Monday went, lol!

I also have a couple of AT JMacs autos coming in later this week or early next week. A Red 5/5 and a Blue Door #...01/10. Will share those when they come in...oh, also, I just finished my Burning Rubber Chase Edition rainbow. Should be getting the last one in the next couple days. I'll scan them all together and post the rainbow as soon as I have the last one in-hand.

Be Well & Enjoy your Tuesday, friends!
Nice pull, Jason...congrats.
Nice pull, hope it cheered you up and you have a better day Smile

(05-20-2014, 04:27 PM)Echo7Bravo Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pull, hope it cheered you up and you have a better day Smile

Thanks Jerry. And yes, today has been a much better day! lol