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Full Version: WOW! All-star Fan Vote Winner.
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What a surprise!!! I thought for sure that it would be Danica.

Scratch her from the race.

Fan Vote winner IS...


Who saw that happening? Glad to see a surprise winner though. Can't wait for the All-Star Race.
Who all watched the CWTS race? It was a pretty good race to watch. Lots of excitement, especially b/t the young guys and the veterans.
Wow, that is a big surprise! Congrats to Josh!

Had to record the CWTS last night while I was watching the Cardinals. Watching the truck race right now...

I have no idea how Wise beat out Danica but good for him.
(05-17-2014, 04:29 PM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]I have no idea how Wise beat out Danica but good for him.
Yea. I voted for Danica just so I didn't waste my vote. Smile Josh got in with a huge online media push from him, his team, AND his sponsers. I'd really like to know how many votes he won by.
I so want a die cast of that car, AND HE GOT A TOP 15 FINISH IN THE RACE! Congrats to him and it is nice to see the small guys make the big stage because the fans want to see them!