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Full Version: Looking for MJ Base Cards
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Looking for MJ base cards from '88 through '96ish. I collect mostly football, but please let me know if you see anything you are interested in. Not looking to trade down. Thanks!
I have these special issue Sports Illustrated for Kids Jordan

[Image: 232323232fp53669nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

[Image: 232323232fp53697nu3349552343WSNRCG3.jpg]

also have Upper Deck jumbo 5x7 blank back (looks exactly like 1993/94 Jordan Card #23)

[Image: 444867206_tp.jpg]
I have about a bajillion, check my org to see what you need. I'm sure I have many that are not listed as well.
Thanks guys, I'll have a look
I've got a bunch as well. Didn't see much in the way to trade but I'll sell them cheap!
I've got a MJ lot coming in today or tomorrow. Going to look through it to see what else I need and then I'll check you guys. Thanks Smile
pm sent