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Full Version: Should we start a new "Who Collects Who" thread?
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I could make an attempt to keep it updated and also allows users who have cards of that driver(s) that they cannot get rid can send it to that user if they wish, like a pay it forward type of deal, or they can start a trade for something that might be needed by both parties. Would anybody be interested in trying to do something like this?
I don't really see a need for a new one for two reasons.

1. We have a couple that just haven't been updated in a while.
2. We are a small group and we all mostly know who collects what drivers.

If you decide to make a new one though, you would need to contact 'shelbysaleen' and have him remove the other 2 threads and add yours to the Important Threads list in the trade section of the forum.
IF YALl want to update the current one pm the corrections and i will get them fixed