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Full Version: $2 Shipping Included /25 Newman Addition
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It's a buyers market out there for sure! Picked up this $2 gem on the bay a few weeks ago.

[Image: IMG_20140510_031957_768-1_zpsfu02sja2.jpg]
Holy crap, man! And I was happy when I picked up the Bayne card for about $10 late last year. Congrats on the pick-up, and especially the awesome price.
Can't beat that! Any card serial numbered to 25 is worth 2 bucks, if not more! Congrats, Kevin!
Thanks guys. There is a small ding on the bottom RH corner but I don't mind , it is obviously PC so no biggie.
That is a really great deal, congratulations, never been lucky enough to find a great a deal like that.

Great pick up for $2...
Well Jerry I don't think you could ever find a Gordon one for that $. lol Having a lower tier driver has its benefits.
(05-11-2014, 06:27 PM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]Having a lower tier driver has its benefits.