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Full Version: 70's Basketball to trade
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I am looking to build the OPC Hockey sets from the 1970’s (70/71 through 79/80). I have a large amount of 70’s Basketball left over from building my sets, so if someone is interested in trading 70’s Basketball for 70’s OPC Hockey, maybe we can help each other out.

Also, I have completed most of the Topps sets from the 70’s and have a good amount of doubles left over, so if someone is looking to complete those sets, and has some OPC Hockey to trade, that could be a possibility too.

Right now, I have just started, so my wants/needs are too big to list here, but if any one has anything to trade, I can send you my needs. And, I’d also like to trade in as big a lot as possible.

Which years do you have Basketball?
I have from 71-72 up to 81-82, I also have a few 70-71 tallboys as well.
(05-07-2014, 04:57 AM)Foxrunaaron33 Wrote: [ -> ]I have from 71-72 up to 81-82, I also have a few 70-71 tallboys as well.
Do you have any of these?
Also do you have 77-78 grey backs? I only need three for a set.

1970-1971 Topps
001,002,004,006,007,010,013,024,036,037,050,065,070,075,080,087,090,095,100,101,107,108,112,113,114,117,120,121,123, 125,127,129,130,134,135,137,140,143,147,150,159,160,165,168,169,170,171,172,173,174,175

1971-1972 Topps
001.004,005,007,008,010,013,016,018,020,024,026,027,029,030,031,035,038,042,046,049,054,057,060,062,065,069,070,071, 072,078,079,093,100,102,105,114,117,135,137,139,142,143,150,151,160,163,167,170,175,188,192,194,200,205,206,207,208, 209,210,218,223,224,225

And are you only willing to trade for hockey?
I can check on those cards for you to see which ones I have. I would really like to trade for hockey, specifically for the sets I'm building, but depending on what is for trade, I might be interested.
I'm strong in all sports but Hockey. All years of the 70s, and a bit before as well.
I'm sure I can find things that could be of value to you.
I have roughly 12 70-71`s & 26 71-72`s from your list above. Also, I do have some 77-78 grey back cards, which ones do you need?
Send me a private message with the numbers and condition of the cards you have and I'll propose something in return
I'll get that list together. Do you have '70s football? I might be able to put together a want list for a few sets I have started.
Yes 6000 dupes or so from all years, stars also.