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Chase Elliott's recent success and Card values started me thinking. I wanted to check on the status of the other undiscovered element, young guns, and rising star subjects to see what they were doing. This list is not complete and there are quite a few I am going to get deeper into the research but its a start.

I will do this by year of release.

2009 introduced us to Undiscovered elements, and there were seven drivers included. No this is not the largest group by far.

AUSTIN DILLON - is there any NASCAR fan out there that is not aware of this Winston Cup rookie. Austin is the grandson of Richard Childress. He is also a champion. He won the truck championship and nationwide championship. Currently pilots the famous number three in the cup series.

JUSTIN ALLGAIER - Justin won the ARCA championship in 2008 and I believe that is the uniform he is wearing in the photo of this card. Justin has finished in the top 6 five times in the nationwide standings. He has moved up to cup in 2014 and is running for rookie of the year. Justin is a talented driver with a new team and I believe his best years are ahead.

JOSH WISE - Josh was given a raw deal by junior motor sports in order to make room for Danica. Without a quality seat to be had Josh has done the best with what he gets. He is currently in Cup

MARC DAVIS - ran some Nationwide series and truck races but is not currently racing in the top three. I need to check deeper into this driver

RICKY CARMICHAEL - Hoping to capitalize on the fans in super cross Ricky was given a ride to learn with. The experiment was later also tried out on Travis Pastrana. It didn't really work with either driver. Ricky ran some Nationwide races and truck but is currently not racing in the top three series

RICKY STENHOUSE JR - Ricky won two Nationwide Championships and the 2013 Rookie of the year. However by most of the world right now he is more known for his girlfriend Danica Patrick. Ricky is still driving cup for Roush racing and shows the talent needed to stay but might require a different team to really make his mark

SCOTT SPEED - Scott ran some races in each of the top three series and even pulled out a truck win. However he is not currently running in any of those series. I will check on him further.

OUT of the seven drivers in this group five have run cup at least once. The remaining two ran in nationwide and trucks at least once. Overall not a bad grouping and if your collecting drivers from the top three series all of these would qualify.


ALI OWENS - Ali ran arca but has not broke into the top three series yet. She has had trouble landing a sponsor and took time off to have her two kids but was actively trying to get a sponsor to once again go racing. Needs more research

CHRISSY WALLACE - Being The niece of a NASCAR Champion has not seemed to help her land a full time ride. However she has ran 2 nationwide races in 2010 and seven truck races divided between 2008 and 2009. I know she still races but will have to check what her current status is.

JENNIFER JO COBB - Jennifer has shown talent and a whole lot of determination. Without a major sponsor and being the truck owner is not easy no matter what your sex is. JJC has run trucks and Nationwide. She is currently running the truck series.

LEILIANI MUNTER - Has not run a race in any of the top three series. I have read that she might be running race this year but it will probably be one. I need more research on her

PARKER KLIGERMAN - Parker has at least one race in each of the top three series. His best year was in 2012 where he finished the in the standings. He was currently running trucks when I started this but I believe he lost his ride this week. I have to check more

RYAN TRUEX - Right now he is best know for being Martin Truex Jrs brother. He has run in all three top series and is currently running cup.

TREVOR BAYNE - Trevor started off with a bang. In his second cup race he won the Daytona 500. He has not been able to follow that up with a second win yet but is currently running a part time schedule with wood brothers racing. He is also running the nationwide series full time for roush but has not had the success of his friend and predecessor Ricky Stenhouse Jr. He is a Daytona 500 Champion and will be forever so he is must have in any collection.

This group has three cup starters and five of the seven have run at least a truck and or nationwide race. Two of the ladies have never seen a start. Hopefully that will change. This group is saved by Trevor winning the 500 but overall these are average drivers at best for now. Not to say they will not take off later


JESSICA BRUNELLI - Jessica actually signed her cards for this release in the Press Pass conference room. She however has not ran in any of the top three series and has no more than 4 races in K&N West. NEEDS MORE RESEARCH

CHASE ELLIOTT - Chase of course is the son of Awesome Bill from Dawsonville.. However he is more than that. He is a winner. He has one truck win and two nationwide wins and has not graduated high school yet. That is right he is still in high school. He has been described by donnie Allison as being taught by God how to drive a race car. His card have exploded in value. His first memorabilia card will be released this year and you can expect to see him all over the place.

BRANDON MCREYNOLDS - Brandon is the son of fox broadcaster Larry Mcreynolds He has run 1 truck race and 1 nationwide race but is running the k&n series to build up experience. We might see him full time soon enough

L0GAN RUFFIN - Has not run in any of the top three series yet. Needs more research

COLE WHITT - Cole has run in all three top series and is running cup this year.

Three of this group have run at least one race in one of the top three. Chase is the class of this set. If you do not have his card yet and are not wanting to spend the money. Wait he will have more autographs coming. Eventually the prices will be reasonable. It could take a while though.


HARRISON BURTON - Harrison is probably the youngest signer to ever appear on a national release of racing cards. He comes from a racing family and obviously has not run any of the top three series. I will check to see what he is doing now. Just think if you hold onto his autograph and he does make it.

JACK ROUSH JR - Son of the cat in the hat has not run in the top three series. WILL DO RESEARCH

MAREVE DUFAULT - This Canadian lady has run two nationwide races but is running arca in 2014

MAX GRESHAM - Max has run the truck series but is not currently running in the top three WILL DO RESEARCH

SHELBY BLACKSTOCK - Shelby is the son of country legend Reba. He has not run in the top three series but is racing. I will get more information

TY DILLON - Ty is the brother of Austin and how do you follow in that brothers footsteps. He is trying but has not had the same success yet. He does have three truck wins and is currently running nationwide.

AMBER COPE - Amber is the niece of Daytona 500 champion Derrick Cope. She has ran in Nationwide and the truck series but only for a total of three races. Currently not running in the top three NEED MORE RESEARCH

ANGELA COPE- Another Paris Hilton look alike that is also the niece of Derrick. She has a total of eight races between the truck series and Nationwide. Also currently not running. MORE RESEARCH

This group is lackluster but at least 6 of them have run in a top series. Therefore anyone trying to complete a collection of actual NASCAR series drivers would need to include them. Ty is the most desirable but Harrison could take his title if he goes the way of chase and keeps racing [WINNING].


The smallest of these sets with only four drivers

DARRELL WALLACE JR - Darrell has run nationwide and truck. He won in the truck series driving for Kyle Busch in 2013. 2014 finds him in the truck series again. Darrell is only the second African American to win in a NASCAR top series and is being mentored by Wendell Scott Jr. If he continues to drive and wins some more this may be a card you want to have in the future.

GRAY GAULDING - Gray has ran 1 truck race in 2014 and is currently running the K&N EAST SERIES

JORGE ORTEAGA - Has not run in the top 3 series NEED MORE RESEARCH

RYAN BLANEY - NASCAR likes to keep it in the family. Ryan is Dave Blaneys son and has already won in Nationwide and twice in trucks. . He is currently running the Nationwide series

3 OF THE 4 HAVE run a top level series race. 2 have the possibility to do something in the future. If your prospecting and can pick up either blaney or wallace cheap I would suggest do it. Autographs anyway


BRYAN ORTIZ - Bryan has not run in the top three series NEED MORE RESEARCH

CHRIS BUESCHER - Brother of James he is currently running Nationwide NEED MORE RESEARCH

JOSH BERRY - Josh has not run a race in the top three series. He does drive a late model car for Junior Motor sports. With chase heading to cup in a year or so probably Josh may get the ride one day

KYLE LARSON - He has run all three series earning wins in nationwide and trucks. Is currently running for the Cup Rookie of the year award. Kyle took over the ride vacated by JPM. If you jumped on his card the first couple of days it was out you could get it for a decent price but they did go up.

NICOLE LYONS - Nicole has not run any race in the top three series. She was supposed to be trying to run NHRA AND NASCAR. If she is going to make an hobby impact she will need to run NASCAR.

TIM GEORGE JR - Tim has run Nationwide and trucks but is not currently running any of them. NEED MORE RESEARCH

KYLE SAVES THIS GROUP but Chris and josh could be names in the future.


ANNABETH BARNES - has not run any of the top three series but is predicted to make a splash when she reaches the top series. I will update this one later

AUSTIN DYNE - has not run any of the top three series as of two weeks ago. NEED MORE RESEARCH

BEN RHODES - Ben has run one truck race and is currently competing in the K&N EAST SERIES

DYLAN KWAS - Currently running nationwide and is gaining attention. Could be interesting to watch. Might be one to start picking up cheap autographs of now.

MACKENNA BELL - Has been running for rev racing and currently has Coleman pressley for a crew chief. She was the blond in the old drive for diversity commercials but has since went brunette

THIS GROUP HAS yet to show anything but DYLAN shows promise.


DREW HERRING - has run at least one race in Nationwide and Trucks. currently not running NEED MORE RESEARCH

DANIEL SUAREZ - Is due to run one of the top three series soon

KEVIN SWINDELL- Has run Nationwide and even one cup race. Not currently running NEED MORE RESEARCH

RYAN GIFFORD - Has run one Nationwide race in 2013. Currently running K&N East series

TANNER BERRYHILL - Currently running Nationwide.

This set may not have a superstar yet but if suarez runs at least one race in the top three its worth getting for NASCAR collection.

I am not done with this it needs tweaked but I wanted to get it started or I would never have
alli owens didnt actually have a card produced. I have notified beckett to have her removed from the opg. I had forgotten when i made the list but was reminded by a friend.

Also suarez has run a nationwide race officially now
(05-02-2014, 06:47 PM)shelbysaleen Wrote: [ -> ]alli owens didnt actually have a card produced. I have notified beckett to have her removed from the opg. I had forgotten when i made the list but was reminded by a friend.

Also suarez has run a nationwide race officially now
lol, when I saw that, you had me wondering...was there another female driver I had missed?

I really dig this list, Michael. Very informative and a good read. I will definitely be keeping up with your updates.
I will also be keeping up with this thread. Glad you updated about Suarez before I read this b/c I would have posted that he ran in the last NNS race. One other thing I noticed missing is that Trevor Bayne has WON an NNS race too! I can't recall which one, but I am sure that isn't hard to find out. I know it was right after he got married (earlier in the same week).

I am mostly interested in more info about Brunelli and Annabeth Barnes. They have been somewhat difficult to find accurate info on.

I find it a bit funny that out of all these drivers, I already collect 2 of them. Both were 2010 Undiscovered Elements drivers (Bayne and JJC). I also am looking to start gathering some Bubba Wallace cards. I really think he will be a good racer as he gets more experience in the CWTS and eventually earns the opportunity to move upwards.

Thanks for posting the thread Michael, and PLZ keep us informed of any new info you can obtain. I will also make sure to post any info that I find that isn't already posted here.
trevor won at iowa in 2013 and fort worth in 2011

leiliani ran her second arca race in dega yesterday. She finished 14th
Dylan K. is trying his hardest with running in the Nationwide, but has been plagued by wrecks. He does show some potential, but definitely needs more seat time and practice to get there!
Not really undiscovered elements or rising star but american thunder has two first time signers.

Alex Bowman, and Michael Annett are both running cup this year.
(05-25-2014, 06:52 AM)shelbysaleen Wrote: [ -> ]Not really undiscovered elements or rising star but american thunder has two first time signers.

Alex Bowman, and Michael Annett are both running cup this year.
Are we looking at a couple future Cup regulars here? 2 DNFs in 11 starts so far for both and each with a handful of top 25 finishes. Neither have qualified well nor are with the caliber of team that Larson and Dillon are running with in their Cup rookie season. Both seem capable...but I do not claim to be a good judge of talent, so I'm asking, are we looking at future Cup regulars?

(BTW - I didn't realize how well both Larson and Dillon are doing in the standings till just looking up some info on Bowman and Annett. Can Larson and Dillon actually be considered "Super Rookies"?)
I've been working on these for the past 3 years. I have Element 2009 Dillon, Davis & Wise; 2010 none; 2011 Brunelli & Whitt. Rising Stars 2012 Gresham, Blackstock & both Copes. Young Guns 2012 all 4. Rising Stars 2013 Tim George. Young Guns 2013 Dyne. Rising Stars 2014 Ryan Gifford.
josh berry from 2013 rising stars is slated to get his first nationwide start at iowa according to the dale jr dirty mos posse pod cast. he is also winning in late models
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