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Full Version: HAPPY BDAY WALT!
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Id Just like to take a moment out of our daily lives of collecting and wish our esteemed member Walt (AKA - Pens1fan) a very Happy Birthday!

Walt and I met via Beckett doing trades and having the common love for the Penguins several years ago. Since then we have taken our friendship beyond the boards from chatting on the phone to meeting up in Orlando and hitting up a theme Park with his family.

Walt is a great all around guy and has great taste when it comes to choices in NHL hockey teams!

Thanks Walt for being such a good friend!


and of course......................

GO PENS!!!!!!
Thanks for the Bday wishes Hugh and the thoughtful words!!! It's great to have made several good friends here on Beckett. Thanks again Hugh and just hoping my Bday wish of a Pens Stanley Cup will come true !!!
happy (go) birthday (wings) walt
Sounds like you've got a prtty healthy bromance going on, all thanks to beckett. At least something positive has come of these boards.
I love that you guys have a great friendship because of the Boards! Happy birthday to a very good man, and I hope that the loos was nothing too harsh for you to deal with. Hehe!

Was that the loss of Halak again to yet ANOTHER team?!?!?!? LOL
Happy B-Day Walt. May your Pens be swift and beat those Rangers.