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Full Version: A HUGE Thank You to Jake aka thepointguard for this surprise package!
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Received a package in the mail today though I wasnt expecting anything. It was from a great member on these boards! Thepointguard_10 and a fellow Heel collector! Thank you so much for the kind act!

First, this is how the mailer came today. Guess the P.O. was playing soccer with it or something. Thankfully, nothing was damaged.

[Image: photo-2_zps93681117.jpg]
[Image: img062_zps2c337342.jpg]

[Image: 6nconqkqx450.jpg]

[Image: 47h1zspbx450.jpg]

And my favorite! The Chinese red version!
[Image: ukp3817bx450.jpg]
Wow! Jake showing again why he is a premier member on these boards! Great stuff. I thought it was a very nice gesture, then I saw the a Immaculate patch/ auto. That is above and beyond. Shame on Panini for using that "patch" on and /25 from one of their highest end products though. I'm impressed that nothing got damaged. That package looks like my dog used it as a chew toy.
Very nice man! Love the last two. Great gesture on Jake's part!
Very nice Cards! Great Gesture!
No problem Jeffrey, your a great member here and I thought you deserved it! I'm glad you liked them, and that the post office didn't destroy the package!!
I would have PO'ed at the P.O. had the contents been ruined, judging from the outside. Sweet package.