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Full Version: Huge shoutout to SHowley2003
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Got this little surprise in the mail today!

Great way to start of my new Sullinger collection.

I just hope to be able to repay the gesture sometime soon!

 photo IMG.jpg
 photo IMG_0001.jpg
 photo IMG_0004.jpg
 photo IMG_0002.jpg

Thanks again!!!!!!!
Wow! Very nice! Celtic Fans are the best!
Hey bud. I'm glad they made it to you safely and I'm glad you appreciate them. I look forward to the progress you make on your PC. To motivate you here are a few of my prized Sullys! Thinking back I got a lot of this stuff for cheap when each of the product first came out and everyone was chasing down Kyrie, Davis, etc. That is where I found a lot of value in the double rookie class. People couldn't focus on all players at once, plus with Sullinger being out with the back surgery last year and then playing for a horrible team this year his prices continued to drop. Here's hoping for a rise in value!

[Image: 0e7da81488acc4d63cfdc7300992153c_zps24a28683.jpg]
[Image: BA8E58A8-5E2A-4F8A-A342-BA7A8CA2E6F1_zpsrz1l7dyb.jpg]
[Image: 503E95E8-7B0C-496D-8390-7391CB6CAB6C_zps7ctjqpch.jpg]
[Image: 4a35c7feda01bf370d27da4021098c27_zps1460ce4c.jpg]
[Image: null_zps300b26e6.jpg]
[Image: null_zps39dcd29b.jpg]
[Image: 915f4774bd45b1fa8f64accf09d6133a_zps185f8d64.jpg]
Wow, I'm going on vacation A week from today but as soon as I get back I look forward to beginning the chase and picking up a few new cards.

I love the look of crusade and that flawless and insignia are crazy!
Very nice cards! Stephen is a hell of a guy, and always a pleasure to deal with. It's nice to see another example of what makes the Beckett community hands down the best imo.

Good luck with your new PC

@ Showley- That black Sullinger 1/1 is ridiculous, Those Black patch autos, are in my top 5 favorite cards from 2012-13.