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Full Version: Kemp Odd Ball's brought out of boxes
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Went to parent's house for Easter and why I was there decided to grab a few card's looking foward to starting to bring them home and go thru them these caught my eye I had forgot about them I have boxes and boxes there just need to get em home and check them out pretty much just boxed everything up and walked away from hobby about 18 years ago.

Shawn Kemp Collector's Choice Jumbo

[Image: b8e3d8a4-9d9d-40b5-b9a7-0726cfac61f6.jpg][/URL]

Three Taco Time Card's

[Image: IMG_3246.jpg][/URL]

I forgot what all I had put up this is going to be fun to get them organized again
Cool....what is Three Taco Time? is that a regional restaurant chain?

Fun to see what you dig up!
Request for photos of the back of the Taco Time cards please....
Here is Frt

[Image: Taco_Time_frt.jpg]

Here is Rear

[Image: Taco_Time_rear.jpg]

Anything else please let me know.