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Full Version: Three Games for Seabrook?
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I'm not saying he does not deserve it, but what would this have been if he had ever been fined or suspended at anytime in his career prior to this? He had a perfectly clean record. There are some big hitters out there, by this logic, that would have to earn 15 games or more for that single hit--just in the name of consistency. If the 'Hawks are knocked out quickly, does this carry into next season, next playoffs, or what?
I will refrain for commenting on the hit and suspension because I don't really follow the suspensions and who is and isn't a repeat offender but as far as the suspension goes I believe It would carry over into next season, so theoretically if they got swept he'd miss game 1 of the next season.
It would carry over for the 1st game next season if they got swept..

hes a good player and should have known better...he went for the big hit instead of helping keith clear the puck...and then Hawks blew another game...they have done this far too many times this season giving up tying goals late in the 3rd..