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Full Version: Starting a Rodman PC
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When I got out of this Hobby I had a large Rodman PC I held onto all my other cards but got rid of this in 1997 I'd love to build it back because it's the main thing I miss owning. Please PM me with any cards you have available that you would be willing to part with. Open to both trading and purchasing.

Thank You
welcome back to the hobby and good luck!
I've always wanted to start a Dennis Rodman PC, but don't want too many collections going on at once. I'd rather focus on my MJ collection and vintage BB, FB, Bk.
I love many of the 90's Rodman inserts (many of which are the same inserts Jordan has) and I think it's an awesome idea. Good Luck!
Show us your Rodman collection.
FYI I have one Dennis Rodman card, a 96-97 finest gold refractor. It was one of the first cards I ever had graded, came out a BGS 8.5 I think it's the only 8.5 on the pop report although there are a few higher. I've always loved that card.