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Full Version: Looking to start a NBA player PC collection. HELP
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So I want to start collecting basketball cards and I want to pick a player to collect.

I want a younger player who has some nice but not too expensive cards and has some up side.

I like Ohio State and UC quite a bit so I was thinking about either

Lance Stephenson
Mike Conley
Evan Turner
Jared Sullinger

any wisdom would be appreciated. Also if I'm missing someone let me know.
Stephenson's stuff had a jump in prices this season, but the playoffs may bring them back to the proverbial cellar. Sullinger's rookie year prices have dropped steadily since the end of last year, and his 13-14 stuff can be had for relatively little money. You should stay away from him though because I PC him and I don't want the competition! In all seriousness though I would think Sullinger would be your best bet in terms of building upon some potential at a relatively small cost. The prices of his cards now won't bankrupt you if he never takes the next step in hobby popularity. I don't know much about the market for Turner or Conley.
Thanks for responding. I hate to do this but I think I am going to go with Sullinger. Maybe it can be good for both of us! I can send my extra's your way.

I think he has the most up side and has that "celtic" mystic!
The only reason I wouldn't PC lance stephenson is due to his auto situation. The fact that supposedly someone else has signed cards for him or something, I don't know pretty fishy to me.
So other than him I think Sullinger has the biggest upside, however, I love Conley, so I don't think you could go wrong with your decision!
Of the choices given, I think you are making the correct decision. I think Sullinger has the most potential out of those players. Conley is decent but will never be an elite point guard, his offense isnt good enough. I'm not sold on Lance even though hes had a pretty good season. Evan Turner will be no more than a role player on whatever team he is on. Sully actually has potential to put up some Kevin Love type numbers in the future.
Great choice, I'm glad to see he will be getting at least a touch more hobby love. PM me your address and I'll send you a few RCs to get you started. It will be a good reason for me to go through my Sully cards.
If you wanted to start fresh you could maybe go Sean Kilpatrick who is probably going to get drafted mid to late second round in the upcoming draft, if that happens you could probably get some of his nicer cards cheaper than say like Wiggins or the top picks. Was a stud at UC and could be a decent pro.
That is a good choice, I have a few of his auto's too! Good Luck I look forward to seeing your progress!
Your post and interest in Sullinger encouraged me to go through my Sully cards. I thought I was doing well. I have about 60 different rookie year cards ranging from commons to a 1/1 RPA. Then I took a look at Beckett and realized that Panini made 261 Sullinger cards in 12-13 so I still have plenty to chase down, and now more competition!
You mean, people actually collect others players besides Michael jordan?
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