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Full Version: 2 BOXES 2014 UD
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Sorry pack pulled 2014 stuff is 100%pc

My first box was pretty bad, all 3 autos showed up in the first 6 packs I opened which made for a long drawn out box (hoped it would be 1 of the boxes ive seen with an extra auto, but no)
[Image: 4-18-201444233PM_zps5756b9f7.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201444336PM_zps4fb2bd4f.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201444512PM_zpsebb58be8.jpg]

Thats the goods for that 1, had me worried going in to the second box.

Only 1 auto in the first 10 packs
[Image: 4-18-201443733PM_zps423e433d.jpg]
Not great, but still had 10 packs with 2 autos left
then these in back to back packs
Good chance to be a winner
[Image: 4-18-201443403PM_zpsacdb368a.jpg]
SP? Maybe on this one?
[Image: 4-18-201443523PM_zps140949d5.jpg]

Then these were in the same pack
sp auto
[Image: 4-18-201443838PM_zpsa0e3d613.jpg]
[Image: 4-18-201443628PM_zpsbb10da63.jpg]
Still 7 packs to go and 1 auto

2 packs later, another shortprinted auto and 1 of the better backs
[Image: 4-18-201444109PM_zpsf7f79ea1.jpg]

So much happier with this box to finish it out knowing it was not the dud of box 1
Then pack 19-BANG!!!!!
[Image: 4-18-201443951PM_zpsc85e1c46.jpg]
Nice Bortles! He might be the best of the bunch in the future...and I've heard good things about the Janis kid too... Not too bad!
Nice! That damien williams fs? Shoot me a pm if it is
Nice stuff!
Nice Bortles....they should do a dual auto with his girlfriend!
you did much better than i did. bought a box and half yesterday. no wild autos really. got the damien williams letterman too, along with a james white letterman, a james white auto, tom savage auto, davante adams auto and some other guy i cant remember.
Any chance you'd move the Autzen Stadium card? Nice break.
nice bortles bud
I'm going to build a rookie authentics set. What did you pull? Would you trade them?
Nice tribute card
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