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Full Version: Need Chris Allen hockey cards
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As the title indicates - I am friends with Chris' father and he indicated Chris is coming home for a visit and is need of any of his cards I can find for him.

Please let me know if you have any.

Year Card # Set Name
Major Sets
1999-00 61 Upper Deck RC
1999-00 91 Upper Deck MVP RC

Major Insert Sets
1995-96 2 Bowman - Draft Prospects

Common Minor sets
1995-96 2 Edge Ice Future Legends - Signed Sealed Delivered
1995-96 433 Slapshot - OHL (Top Prospect)
1995-96 109 Slapshot - OHL

Team Sets
1998-99 17 New Haven Beast [AHL] (Beast Rookies)
1999-00 16 Louisville Panthers - Roox [AHL]
2001-02 1 BC Icemen [UHL]
2002-03 2 Greensboro Generals - RBI Sports [ECHL]
2003-04 321 South Carolina Stingrays - RBI Sports [ECHL]


I actually do have one! Any interest in a 1996 Visions Signings Autographs Gold #4 Chris Allen? I can have it scanned if needed. LMK
I have the gold reserve #61
You have nothing in your Org. to trade for these cards. You need to get something in there so that you can trade, unless you are buying... in which case the sellers need to have the cards in their Org. marked as For Sale with a selling price.