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RE: Organize/Trade issues
Regarding the sort order issue. In an effort to sync the sort order for OPG/Marketplace/Organize, we have indexed each card and set record to reflect the order we assign in our price guide software. Essentially the idea is to list each set alphabetically by brand chronologically and then Main set first, followed by parallels to the main set, then inserts, etc. When you have a group of record from mixed sports, then baseball is first, basketball second, etc.
We believe this is at least a system that we can maintain in a consistent manner and easy enough to follow. It may not be exactly what some users would want, and it is different than a simple method of alphabetizing everything, but it allows for the proper grouping of entire products together in some logical order instead of having sports and brands intermingled alphabetically.
We hope that all of our users will soon become accustomed to this method, that we'll be able to maintain the consistency here that we all desire, and that the sort order problems of the past will be gone forever.
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