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I need some help, I am trying to put team sets together for 13-14 Upper Deck Series 1+2. My daughters school(elementary) in June is having a big fundraiser where they have games and give out little prizes. I was hoping to donate the team sets as prizes, just I need more base cards. I mainly need Series 1 cards here is a list:


I don't want to go over board, so am asking up to 3 cards for each card number. To keep your cost down Please send it PWE . Contact me with the numbers you are able to send, so I can take it of the list. Then I'll send mailing addy.


George King
I can take care of everything you need from series one. Should be able to send two of each card.
PM me if you like.
I have a MASS of Series One, and a lot of Series Two, Let me know if you need any more than what BBB up there is sending you. Kudos!