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Full Version: Been a while, 10 years and just a visit....
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Wow - This site has changed. First I have not been on here in ages, almost 10 yeays or more just tried it to see if my logon worked and it did.

Is there any old timers still here that remember me - defense44 (I had the huge Bousmeester collection and website) that I sold off and sort of exited the hobby.

I most likley sold a bunch of cards to these older memebrs. I do remember a couple names but forget most.

I will check back...

Welcome back to the site, Terry! I can say that your last visit was way before I joined, but it is always great to see the older members pop in. If you are sticking around and need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. Best wishes!

I think you ended just when I started here. Welcome back, things are starting to turn to the better over the last couple of days.
Lucky You

I recently cam back as well and my login doesn't work. Went by "Joeycad" 8 to 10 years ago. Would love to have it back if it's possible.
I was around 10 years ago. That was quite a time! Things have certainly changed.