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Full Version: Is Howden a good investment?
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Was wondering what everyone thinks about this kid. Grant you he's no MacKinnon but who knows. Of course he hasn't seen a lot of playing time this year so I was wondering what you all think of this kid.
I've been picking up his rcs when I can. I think he will be at least a decent 3rd liner.
I have picked up a few myself. Pics are in my photo bucket.I am waiting on three more too.
If you are trading any of the cards in there you will have to get them into your Organize and mark them accordingly. I am interested in the Galchenyuk if you are thinking of letting it go. If you need a hand with anything please do not hesitate to let me know.

I've added a few so I'm willing to trade if you need it.
(04-14-2014, 11:36 AM)Helimonster66 Wrote: [ -> ]I've added a few so I'm willing to trade if you need it.
Trade offer now in your hands. Thanks!

Sent one back. Thanks Paul and I'll send first because I'm new.