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Full Version: Kyrie Auto to be graded?
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Received this Kyrie redemption from Panini today and was considering sending off to get graded, since it hasn't been touched since it left them. Anyone know if that light stroke in the auto will bring down a grade?
Great card. I don't have an answer for how the auto will be graded, but a nice pull, no doubt.
Nice card, and yea it could bring the grade of the auto down but it wouldn't affect the overall grade of the card. Some smeared autos I've seen get 10s and some seemingly perfect autos I've seen get 9s, I guess it all depends who is grading the auto.. still a really nice card either way
Thanks, I'll give it a go and see. As a side note, I pulled it a couple weeks ago and the redemption card had expired in 2013. I sent to Panini and asked if they could still do something, and 2 weeks later this card arrived- have to give them credit for that.