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Full Version: opierocks
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Has anyone seen opierocks lately? He owes me some cards, some feedback, and some explanations.

Thanks for the help!
Havent seen him lately, but i completed a trade with him month or 2 ago, maybe bit longer. He was having a bit of a rough trot for a while there i think, but ill vouch for him... hes not the kind of guy to blatantly rip someone off, so i hope you guys can get it worked out Smile
havent seen him in a while but ive had tons of perfect trades with him.
I have also traded with him many times. I would be shocked to learn he was ripping anyone off. Ask floydtown to try contacting him.
I've traded with him numerous times as well - and I find myself in the same situation as you, we agreed to a trade about a month ago and I haven't seen the cards yet..... But I've been there before, sometimes it takes him a while to send cards out but I've always gotten them, eventually...
I will add my name to the list of people who have never had a problem in the past, let's hope there is a resolution for you soon.
I know he recently had a post i thought about finishing up trades but having to back off for a while...but i might be mistaken. I've traded with him a few times. Last trade took about a month but he forewarned me it would be a while due to tough times.
I have a trade open with him from about a month ago.. He messaged me on the April 8th saying he will ship out on that day. I see he has a very good feedback score so I am not worried. He explained he some problems he was having.
Thanks, everybody. Your positive experiences let me know I am bound to have one as well. He sounds like a quality guy. I know sometimes I get impatient. Have a great, collective day! You, too, opierocks!
I must say that you have nothing to worry about with Ron. He always makes good on his end, and I know that he had a load of difficulties that he had to face. You should get your cards in the mail soon. Kudos to all for the good vibes, and to Jonathan for not losing hope!