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Full Version: LBJ or KD in the long term
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If you can own one Chrome refractor rookie who you rather have, Lebron James or Kevin Durant?
LBJ - hands down.
I'm gonna say LeBron.
Lebron. Kd is awesome, but lebron will be an all time great.
LeBron is the better investment.

(04-08-2014, 05:00 AM)jaykayzee Wrote: [ -> ]LeBron is the better investment.
Lebron but durant isnt far behind
What would happen if Miami was to have an early exit in this years playoffs and OKC goes deep or even wins it all?

Things could change quickly just because of hype swings in the market and this years playoffs/finals could dictate huge market change....

So I'd say while LeBron's cards are reasonably safe, there is a chance Durant's cards could peak at all time highs even surpassing LeBron's current market price(in a hype swing)....

It all hinges on what happens in the playoffs/finals, I'm predicting that LeBron will have a melt down....
LeBron James' handlers have turned him into a marketable caricature. His RC will hold value longer no matter what happens.
Lebron's card has less to gain than Durant's card. Lebron's rookie cards have been on the market for twice as long as Durant's rookies. Lebron has already won a couple championships, so it would take several more for his cards to get any big boost in value. Sure another championship would push the values up a little, but not nearly as much as the boost that Durant's rookies would get if he won a championship. The counter to that is that if Durant never wins a championship and stays with a small market team like the Thunder then his cards have more to lose in value, as Lebron has already proven himself a champion and has played for a big market team in Miami, so there will always be demand for his rookies. So it simply comes down to this...
Lebron is low risk, low reward
Durant is high risk, high reward

So it really just depends on how you like to invest as to which one is the better card for the long run.
I ended up picking up both since i like both of them. The biggest hit was my wallet.