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Full Version: Dream Team auto addition w/ scan!
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So as many of you know I'm trying to complete a Dream Team auto collection.

This quest is particularly challenging as I have tried to get all autos in pro jerseys, old school autos when possible, etc.

I also had a nice Laettner auto/jersey in the Dream Team uniform from Elite Black, but it was damaged in transport and did not make my minimum so I sold it.

In any event, I currently have 6 of the 12 (Mullin, Pippen, Drexler, Stockton, MJ, David Robinson) and just got a new one in to get over halfway again!

[Image: Malonebuybackauto4-7001_zpsf9c08598.jpg]

Love this one! It's a buyback from 1999-00 SP Authentic and though it isn't #ed the announced print run was just 51, so I think it's a pretty awesome addition.

Once I get close to all 12 (as in everyone except the ultra-expensive Ewing and Barkley), I'll post scans. Right now I have all of them graded except this new acquisition so I hope I can send it off soon.

Thanks for checking it out!
Nice buyback man!
nice man! Please show pictures when complete.
wow, well done!
Very nice addition.
That is sweet. Nice grab!
That is a really nice looking card! Great price too. Congrats man!
Thanks guys! Malone's early autos are tough to nab for a reasonable price tag, so I was happy to score this one. It's in pretty decent shape too so it should at least get the 8.5 minimum I've set for all my Dream Team autos.

pics of the others?
Got an upgrade least in my opinion...sold my 97-98 Topps Autographs of Clyde Drexler in favor of this beaut...

[Image: Clyde%20buyback%20auto_zpshbgcdbe4.jpg]

One of my favorite 90s sets of all time, it's the 97-98 SP Authentic buyback. Love it!

And at the request of hercules, here are the pics of my others! Still need Ewing and Barkley, and the Malone is up there already so that makes 4.

David Robinson: Preferred Silhouette jersey auto

[Image: mj%20spx%20gold%20amp%20admiral%20auto%2...a4ii0u.jpg]

Larry Bird: UD jersey auto /25

[Image: newautos2-23001_zpsa5e2cfeb.jpg]

Scottie Pippen: 1997-98 Autographics Big Grin (I go for 90s autos whenever possible, you know me lol)

[Image: c4e68854-eef5-4746-99f8-eff807452489_zpsdeab271f.jpg]

Christian Laettner: Elite Black Box USA Jersey/auto

[Image: newMitches11-5001_zps3a62d97b.jpg]

John Stoctkon: Nat'l Treasures jersey auto /25

[Image: stocktonnationaltreasures001_zpsbe855181.jpg]

Chris Mullin: 1997-98 SP Authentic Sign of the Times

[Image: gradedDreamTeamautos001_zps1913dd2d.jpg]

For some reason I don't have a pic of my Magic Johnson auto anywhere. It's an 08-09 Murad mini auto /25 though, always off-centered but cool-looking for sure!

And, of course, the coup de gras (or however the heck the French spell it lol)

MJ: Chronology jersey (all-star jersey) auto /25

[Image: MJchronologyauto_zpsd78b6201.jpg]
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