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Full Version: military cards
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[Image: bm1111_zps1ae9fdf6.jpg]

[Image: navyst12.jpg]
[Image: navyst13.jpg]
[Image: navyst14.jpg]
[Image: navyst11.jpg]
[Image: navyst7.jpg]
[Image: navyst8.jpg]
[Image: navyst1.jpg]
[Image: navyst3.jpg]
[Image: NAVY16.jpg]
[Image: NAVY17.jpg]
[Image: navyst4.jpg]
[Image: navyst6.jpg]
[Image: navyst2.jpg]
[Image: navyst15.jpg]
Nice! I love the Bud Moore auto card as well! I'll also check the 2009 PP Brad K. cards I have to see if I have one that you need to make a rainbow since you have the gold #/100 parallel
Nice Navy collection, Michael.