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Full Version: What years had the Spellbound lettering?
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The year and the product. I want to try and get a set of just a driver and see what I might be able to get. Any help is always welcomed, thanks!
2010 and 2011 Eclipse for certain.
(04-01-2014, 09:56 AM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]2010 and 2011 Eclipse for certain.
I am pretty sure that is completely correct! I do believe it was not in any other brand and I know it wasn't in any other years. Spellbound was the replacement for Eclipse Solar Swatches, which came out in the 2009 Eclipse release. Eclipse was eliminated from the set roster for the 2012 releases.
I didn't like the re-branding of Eclipse after the '09 set and I guess that was good for me since they got rid of it 2 years later. At least I was no longer fond of what they did with that brand. I thought 2009 was the best Eclipse set ever and then they totally went another direction. See my signature for the Solar Swatches design.