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Full Version: Need help
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I am sorta new to this site. I can not find a price guide for one of the NASCAR diecasts
It is a
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Whiskey River
2009 Impala SS
Shifting Shades
1 of 818
For Race Fans only
Motorsports Authentics

Does anyone have info on this?

Oh forgot it is 1/24 scale
Hi the only one I see was the whiskey river gold and the color change one from that year. It could be a missed one not in the database.
Wonder if what they call color change is what they mean on the sticker it is called shifting shades
I don't know if it is unlisted or if what you are saying about the color change is correct. I would refer you to the staff member that works with Beckett Racing but I cannot remember his name right now. The next best thing I can do is give you the link to the Racing Forum Moderator: shelbysaleen

Send him a PM with as much info as you can (including a scan/pic will help a lot) and I am sure he can get you some more info. It might take a few days but just be patient. I hope this helps you figure it out.