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Full Version: Looking for Corey Crawford....
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Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone has either 2 of the same Corey Crawford game used jersey or swatches. If not, GU jersey or swatches but 2 different ones. Doesn't matter what year. Needing one for myself and one for my cousin Samantha who's love with Crawford. Thanks!
Bump..still looking for 2 different and/or same GU's, swatches, or AUTO's
Ive got his Shadowbox card from this years SPx if thats any good to you.
I'd love that card but you're in Australia, it would cost me a ton for shipping. Shipping to Ontario, Canada costs $9 alone. Post office lady told me Canada and Mexico is cheapest international for us, everything else is sky high. I bought something from Malaysia for a christmas present and that was $35 in shipping lol, insane.
Shipping actually isnt that bad, i can have it shipped in a bubble mailer for about $6.00 Australian. Up to you though. Smile Id sell it to you, or trade for it, not fussy. If you wanted to buy though let me know so i can mark it for sale properly on here.