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Full Version: Massive mail day and the sickest Flawless patch I have ever seen (1/1)
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(03-27-2014, 10:05 PM)TBarn291 Wrote: [ -> ]Man, when I saw that was pulled, my first thought was "I wonder how long it will take Rabie to pick it up". Lol it did not take long. I am glad to see you got it, considering others who don't collect Klay were after it too. It's always nice to see a piece like this land in a player PC.
Thanks man Big Grin Yeah based on the posts on BO many people were after the card since its a sick patch and from Flawless. Glad its locked up now and never going anywhere Smile Very happy with what Panini have done with this card. A true masterpiece.
Wow that is just so so awesome. Cards like that make me want to collect a current player they're so sweet. Great add!
I want that patch! That has to be the best patch ever? Huge congrats ! I can't wait for my Klay Thompson 1/1 immaculate logoman to arrive ! Cheers -Ryan-
I counted you have 77 patch breaks! So sickz!!
That is pretty dang sweet. Nice set.
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