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Full Version: Looking to move some of the Ovechkin PC
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Hey all! Hoping to start landing some new Neely stuff for the collection, and must make a sacrifice somewhere, so I've started picking out pieces from my Ovechkin collection that I'm either not as attached to, or have multiple copies of.

If anything here interests you, please PM me an offer to get the ball rolling.

All of these cards are from my collection, and this is not a fire sale or rush to get rid of these cards cheap, so please make fair offers. I will only be trading if it's for similarly valued/scarce Cam Neely cards or needs from the current Bruins rookie crop. Also looking for Rask's SPA and Cup RC's, and Krejci's Cup RC & its gold parallel.

10-11 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Emerald Ovechkin/Backstrom
[Image: th_10-11ArtifactsTundraTandemsEmeraldOve...cstrom.jpg]

09-10 SPx Winning Combos - Crosby/Ovechkin
[Image: th_09-10SPxWinningCombos-CrosbyOvechkin.jpg]

11-12 Limited Net Presence - Thomas/Ovechkin
[Image: th_11-12LimitedNetPresence-ThomasandOvechkin.jpg]

09-10 The Cup Trios Patches - Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin #07/10
[Image: th_09-10TheCupTriosPatches-CrosbyOvechkinMalkin.jpg]

08-09 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics - Ovechkin
[Image: th_08-09SPGameUsedAuthenticFabrics-AlexO...ae42cb.jpg]

09-10 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics - Ovechkin
[Image: th_09-10SPGameUsedAuthenticFabrics-AlexO...875b4e.jpg]

12-13 Limited Monikers Emerald - Ovechkin #3/5
[Image: th_12-13LimitedMonikersEmerald-AlexOvech...26d1ac.jpg]