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Full Version: 96-97 be a player autos FT
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looking through some boxes of old stuff at the shop today and found some of these.

#77 tommy salo auto
#116 mike ricci auto
#lth3a Link 2 history sergei berezin auto
#lth8b- Link 2 history pat lafontaine silver auto
#48 alexei yashin silver auto
#80 alek stojanov silver auto

I dont collect hockey so if interested shoot me an offer, they are in my org. I will find something that interest me.
I would be interested. I would ask that you send first on account of you having no feedback, but I hope that we can get a deal done.

That is not a problem, kinda new around here. I check out your org, and see what happens.
Interested in the Lafontaine, but I do not see any hockey in your ORG yet.
The cards are gone. Hehe!