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Full Version: LF Flawless HOF Sigs Drob & McAdoo Gold /10
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Hey beckett community, I am looking to compete the Panini Flawless Hall of Fame Signatures Gold set /10. I still need Bob McAdoo and David Robinson.both numbered to /10. I have other cards from the set available and PayPal.
your ewings are dirty sick , just picked up a nasty exquisite patch auto that a fellow ewing guy would appreciate
Only looking for the David Robinson! Cmon peeps one to go!

Itc those Ewings are sick can't wait to see a pic
Very very nice Patrick Ewing!!!
(04-21-2014, 04:40 PM)tnesmith Wrote: [ -> ]Very very nice Patrick Ewing!!!
Thanks is the Centre piece to my Ewing pc