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Full Version: The Dr. Pepper patch was sweet, but this is amazing!
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I never thought I'd even have been able to buy one of these JMac Five Star Booklets, let alone TWO now! And of the 10 different patches in the set, if I could have picked one, this is the one I would have absolutely wanted as I have a close and long time tie to Bass Pro. This is an amazing 6 color patch! I cannot believe I actually own this card!

2014 Press Pass Five Star Classic Compilations Autographed Patch Booklet #CCJM1 Jamie McMurray/Bass Pro Shops
[Image: jmac001_zpse0ae9e4f.jpg]
Nice card Jason, congrats!

(03-22-2014, 07:58 AM)Echo7Bravo Wrote: [ -> ]Nice card Jason, congrats!

Thanks Jerry! The same guy that hooked me up with the DP patch card hooked me up with this one as well. Let's just say...I am eternally in his debt now! lol! I love this card so much...and actually, my Bass Pro connection fronted me the money so that I could buy this card. Very cool how it all worked out...almost seems clandestine to be mine!
This is just the most insane thing I've ever seen.

Go big or Go Home! Just wait until you get the Davey/Bobby Allison book....if you can find/pull it!

Congrats Jason! I am at a loss for words about that one.
Oh, come on, Jason, that's not that nice. Really, it's just the best sponser logo in NASCAR, no big deal...

So, now you have the Dr. Pepper and the Bass Pro the McDonalds one going to be next? You only have eight to go to have all ten...just think about that! I might get a box of Five Star just to see if I can pull one for you...maybe the Banana Boat...that's got to be cool looking, too...

BTW, I want to go through some things first, but I'm going to try to respond to your TO tonight. No promises, but if I don't get to it, it probably won't be until Sunday.

Congrats on the super sweet Logo cards...
Thank you, everyone! I'm glad y'all find the card as stunning as I do!

Tom - All ten is a super lofty goal...but How cool would that be? And no worries on the TO, take your time, friend.
I've got to agree about Bass Pro Shops having one of the coolest logos in NASCAR. It really is a shame that Jason joined us NASCAR fans a few months too late to get the Austin Dillion RU sheet metal card I pulled from 2011 Fanfare with a nice chunk of the fish on it. Tongue
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